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on tuesday. >> thank you very much for that report. >>> vice-president joe biden will lead the u.s. delegation to rome for the installation ceremony of pope francis next week, the first roman catholic vice-president. biden said he is happy to have the chance to personally relay well wishes to the new pope. pope francis's installation mass is scheduled for next tuesday. >>> 4:40. looking for the clock. four people killed in what police call an unprovoked attack, the intense stand-off underway right now in upstate new york. >>> google is getting rid of some of its apps, one in particular some users are especially upset about. >>> good morning. if you're driving on 237, westbound, you can see traffic is moving well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >>> good thursday morning. 443. patchy dense fog. >>> police in new york are in a stand-off with a man suspected of shooting six people, killing four of them. officers have surrounded an abandoned building where they believe 64-year-old kurt myers is holed up. the manhunt started ye
, installation of pope francis. vice president joe biden will be leading the delegation. today, pope francis met with the president of his home country, argentina. kristina fernandez. she said she asked the pontiff to help settle argentina's dispute with the uk own the falkland islands. >> >> march madness is under construction here at hp pavilion. great for the fans, an economy onto itself. >> >> back here in 10 minutes, you noticed increasing clouds. there is rain in your future. how much you could get and what areas that will see the most. . >>> tom baker live at hp pavilion with the economic boost the ncaa tournament will provide. >> tom? >> reporter: it could be about $20 million. thanks to the big boost from the ncaa, the shark tank is going to be money in the bank for a lot hoff l of local businesses. >> reporter: they must fit together -- these pieces must fit together in a specific order and they must fit together perfectly. >> just 24 hours ago, we found out which teams would be coming. that, right there, means there is a lo
. it includes joe biden and nancy pelosi and it includes south bacon geese woman anna with nine other bay area lawmakers from both sides of the isle. both groups plan to attend the isolation of pope francis on tuesday. >>> across the bay area today, catholics celebrated the first sunday with a new pope. carl lieu was there when a special mass was held for pope francis. [ music ] >> reporter: at st. josephs, a massive thanksgiving for the election of pope francis. >> we ask the lord now to bless hill, to bless his ministry among us. >> reporter: bib shop patrick mcgrath led the celebration saying the election of the pope as well as the name francis were a surprise. >> solidarities with the poor, the disenfranchised and society. >> reporter: a special pamphlet included humor. >> and i think we'll eventually be able to forgive him for that. >> reporter: parishioners in this congregation say it gives them hope the new leader of the curve is from latin america. >> i think all latinos are excited to have a pope that speaks our english, spanish
was archbishop of buenos aires. joe biden will lead the delegation tomorrow. house democratic leader nancy pelosi is also a member of the delegation along with a bipartisan group of nine leaders that includes anna eshew biden is the first roman catholic of the united states. today he's meeting with leaders in italy. we'll go live to rome in a few minutes for more on the ceremony. >>> police officers are fan out all over southern california and look they will be looking for drivers as they are texting as they drive or talking while holding cell phones. new statewide numbers show more than 425,000 tickets were passed out for people using their phones as they drive. in 2011, more than 4300 people were killed in crashes that were blamed on distracted driver. if you get a ticket, it can cost you about $159 or more. >>> let's check in with sal. hopefully not too many distracted drivers. >> it doesn't seem like it. there's plenty of time to be waiting around. for example at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a back up for 15, 20 minutes. it's interesting, it h
that's not a coincidence. thank you, craig. >>> 7:32. vice president joe biden will lead the u.s. delegation to rome. he's the first roman catholic vice president. the vice president released a statement saying he is happy to have the chance to personally deliver his well-wishes to the new pope. the installation mass for pope francis is scheduled next tuesday and log onto there's a tab dedicated to his introduction. and there's reaction from here in the bay area. >>> 7:33. police in concord investigating shots fired at two buses. both shootings happened yesterday on clayton road. the windows on both buses were damaged. luckily, in one was hurt. so far, no suspects or arrests. if you have any information, call concord police. >>> the chp says the car of a milpitas police officer was rammed by the driver of a ford bronco in san jose. it happened about 4:00 this morning on 680 north near berryessa. the driver of that bronco was taken to the hospital. the chp investigation continues. >> any time that you are involved in a collision w
st. peter's square watching the installation. vice president joe biden was there leading the u.s. delegation for the installation mass. >>> 7:03. new this morning a car fire nearly spread to the oakland raiders' team headquarters in alameda. firefighters arrived at the fire at harbor bay parkway just after 4:00 this morning. they found a car fully engulfed in flames in a parking lot in the back of the property which is behind the oakland airport. the building was not burned. firefighters are investigating whether this was arson. police will be looking also into whether the car was stolen or involved in some other crime. >>> this morning we're tracking the investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in unincorporated san jose. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live in san jose with what police are saying about gunfire that followed an overnight chase. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. sheriff's deputies just cleared the scene on jerilyn drive. they've been here for 12 hours investigating. we were jus
-president joe biden will lead the u.s. delegation to roam for the ceremony of pope francis next week. vice-president biden is the first roman catholic vice- president. he released a statement saying he's happy to have the chance to personally relay well wishes to the pope. >>> catholics in the bay area are excited about the election of pope francis. yesterday in san francisco the bells rang at st. mary's cathedral marking the election of the new pontiff. local catholics we talked to say they like his humble background from buenos aires, he often rode the bus to work, cooked his own meals, and visited the slums of argentina. an argentinian leader worked with pope francis for 30 years. >> he was the type of man that could do many, many tasks, including if there was a need for a cook in the community, at one point, he would be more than willing to do so. >> at 12:10 the san francisco archdiocese will hold a special mass of thanksgiving for pope francis, at st. mary's cathedral. the san jose archdiocese will hold a thanksgiving mass on sunday. >>> san jose w
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7